40 Amazing Etsy Printables to Sell (Everything You Need to Know)

Etsy printables are a fantastic way to make passive income from your own digital designs. From planners to wall art, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

If you’re looking for a way to stretch your creative muscles – but also wouldn’t mind making a little bit of extra cash at the same time –, Etsy printables might be just the thing for you. With most of the work to create one of the many best-selling Etsy printables happening at the start, these little creative endeavours can become a fantastic (almost) passive income earner for you.

Here at Value4Money, we’re here to let you know there’s pretty much everything to be made into printables from journals and birthday cards to origami and life planners. We’ll even go over some great free software that will kick-start your creativity and get you selling in no time!

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What Are Etsy Printables?

Etsy printables are a product you can sell on Etsy that, once purchased, can be printed by the buyer at home. Plus, some of the best-selling Etsy printables are simply an ode to trends.

In most cases, a printable will be a product you will paint or design once and be able to sell multiple times. The delivery process is a simple email with the file attached for the buyer to print and use however they’d like. 

There are printables that feature personalisation, too. However, this is an easy process generally involving adding in a name or two to a notebook. Some more advanced personalised Etsy printables include drawings of people and pets.

As the artist, you can work digitally to produce work from the comfort of your own home with no money lost on supplies, storage or shipping. You’ll also not have to worry about your one-of-a-kind masterpiece getting damaged in transit!

Do Printables Sell on Etsy?

Absolutely, they do. But don’t just take our word for it; there are currently 3.2 million results for “Printable” on Etsy at the time of writing. 

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That might sound like a lot of competition but, as you’ll see from our list of the best-selling Etsy printables, the printables category can be broken down into many different niches.

All of which have customers waiting for you to bring it to them, whether it’s a calendar to hang above their desk or a Warhol interpretation of an avocado. 

Etsy Printables

Why Do Printables Sell Well on Etsy?

It’s easy to understand why the best-selling Etsy printables fly off the online “shelves” if you think of the benefits offered to the buyer when they choose said printable over a shipped product. 

Printable artwork lets a buyer choose to print the art to the exact size they need (or to whichever size their printer lets them). 

As well as this, printable invitations can be printed immediately to the exact amount and, even better, if someone “forgets” a certain name on an invitation, it’s a quick fix for them and you. 

How Much Money Can You Make on Etsy Printables?

Of course, being Value4Money, this is what we’re here for. So, we looked at current sellers and products on Etsy to give an idea of the money you could be making selling Etsy Printables.

For example, we took a close look at one particular seller on Etsy who actually specialises in printables. Her name’s Lauren and she operates under her Luna’s Loft 91 business (you’ll want to take a look for some quick inspiration about your own Etsy seller’s page for the future!).

After having a look at their page, they had over 9,000 sales with an average price of £4.00 for a print. That’s £36,000 in nearly passive income!

However, you do still have to pay your 5% commission to Etsy. But it is just 5%.

What are the Best Printables to Sell on Etsy?

There’s a lot to choose from when you’re looking for the best printables to sell on Etsy. Every style of product we looked at had versions that sold incredibly well, so the best Etsy printables will come down to your own personal preference.

If you’re artistically talented, we recommend looking at producing unique art pieces that can be sold as a printable. Or, for an increased profit, look into the custom portrait side of printables. While slightly more time consuming, you’ll be able to make two to three times the amount per sale.

Of course, for just a nice passive income stream, journals, planners and invitations are the best-selling Etsy printables to consider. They take a few hours to produce and can be sold repeatedly.

How do you Make an Etsy Printable?

When it comes down to it, you’ve probably got an idea or two rolling around your creative mind for Etsy printables. So, it’s just a case of knowing how to get them to the forefront of Etsy and selling.

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Try to focus on one specific product. You’ll be able to find more success selling a niche product than a broad one.

Plus, it’s worth using your own experiences as direction. For example, if you’re a dab-hand at nutrition, create diet planner instead of a generic planner.

All you need is to use a program to create a JPEG or PDF of your soon-to-be best-selling Etsy printables. Then, upload them and watch them fly off the online shelves. Your only job is to email to printable to the buyer.

Skillshare have amazing classes on Etsy including how to set up a successful online shop.

Which Program do You Use to Make Printables?

There are a few different types of online program you could use to create designs, artwork, planners and all sorts. It’s all just a case of working to your budget and finding the right piece of software you gel with. 

For example, our favourite to use is Canva because it’s so simple, but others prefer the freedom of Illustrator.


Canva, as you know is the favourite child from the team here at Value4Money. That’s because it’s great for both beginners and experts. The online program has both a free option and a premium option which gives you a great steppingstone.

One of our favourite features is that Canva comes with a wealth of templates, including ones that mimic some of the best printables to sell on Etsy. All you need to do is add your own style through colour, imagery and design and you’re good to go.

Etsy Printables Canva


While not the most affordable choice, Photoshop is an incredibly in-depth tool for the creation of digital imagery. Of course, if you want to be able to dabble in Photoshop without paying the big bucks, Pixlr is a great free alternative!

The Photoshop design software will probably be best suited to you if you’re of that creative mind we mentioned earlier. You can create custom artwork, build layers and create your very own go-to templates. This makes it a whole world easier for dropping in images that were given to you buy your buyer.


Funnily enough, Illustrator is from the same family of software as Photoshop: The Adobe Creative Cloud. And, depending on your subscription, it’s likely you’ll be able to play around with both.

The difference between the two packages being that Illustrator is more for graphic designers. While it does have a slightly steep learning curve, you’ll be able to create anything from a birthday card to an invitation once you’ve got to grips with it! 

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Last but not least is Procreate. We love this flair for design in a package but it’s worth noting that it’s only available on iPads (or in the simpler iPhone format: Procreate Pocket).

In fact, we’d stretch to say there’s no better choice right now for digital artists. For a small one-off fee, anyone can create stunning, realistic looking paintings, drawings and more. Thanks to an endlessly expandable choice of brushes, you’ll be able to simulate your favourite style of real-life painting or drawing without any cost of supplies!

The 40 Amazing Etsy Printables to Sell

Now we’ve got the how, let’s go over the what. Here’s our list of the best printables to sell on Etsy. Use this as your inspiration and get started on building that income stream!

  1. Party Planner Templates
  2. Custom Pet Portrait
  3. Life Planner Template
  4. Home Decor Print
  5. Wellness Planner
  6. Alphabet Poster
  7. Birthday Cards
  8. Themed Stickers
  9. Word Cloud Art
  10. Personal Notebook

Etsy Printables Personal Notebook

  1. Personalised to Do List
  2. Themed Stationary
  3. Personalised Couples Portraits
  4. Digital Minimalist Planner
  5. Quote Based Art
  6. Colouring Book
  7. Budget Planner
  8. Home Management Planner
  9. Study Illustrations
  10. Baby Shower Games Package

  1. Monthly Calendar
  2. Pocket Planner
  3. Customisable Wedding Timeline
  4. Personalised Family Tree’s
  5. Personalised Meal Planner
  6. Life Goal Bundle
  7. Themed Birthday Party Sets
  8. Personalised Wedding Favours
  9. Cupcake Toppers
  10. Wedding Invitation Sets

  1. Paper Toy Sheets
  2. Blog Planner
  3. Country Themed Sales Maps
  4. Kids Chore Charts
  5. Map Prints
  6. Custom Lyric Posters
  7. Thank You Cards
  8. Travel Planner
  10. Origami Sets

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Etsy printables are an easy and accessible way for anyone to tap into the incredible marketplace of Etsy. Just don’t blame us when you get addicted to creating more and more after those first few sales come rolling in!

Here at Value4Money, this kind of this is just what we’re here for; we bring you new ways to make some extra cash or savings on the side in a way that suits you. So, if you wanted to have a gander at the other ways you can be financially savvy, why not check out our other blog posts?

If you have any questions on Etsy printables, please leave a comment in the section below. We would love to hear from you!

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