Get Paid To Workout – Make Exercising Profitable!

Suppose you’re planning on exercising regularly or already do; you could get paid to workout and earn yourself some extra money using these apps we’ve found for you! 

Occasionally, we need a little incentive to get moving. Now that lockdown has relaxed, and the gyms are opening, why not make the most of it! 

This post includes what apps pay you to workout and how you can sprinkle a little financial encouragement into your routine.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn this site a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything we recommend, we have used ourselves and hope you find the recommendations helpful.

Can you get paid to workout?

Getting paid to workout is exactly what we are suggesting you should be doing. 

Not only is it often cost-less to set up, and therefore, a way to get fit and exercise on a budget, it also can earn you extra cash. 

If you are looking for other ways to make money, have a read of our post on genuine ways to make money online.

How can I get paid to workout?

We suggest downloading apps. The great thing about using apps that pay you to exercise is the variety of them. The apps are available for you to try out and run in the background. Have a go and see what you like. Some pay more than others, whilst others pay in vouchers and discount codes.

The apps are mostly free to download. You could use them if you partake in a no spend challenge.

Additionally, Skillshare is another innovative way for you to get paid to workout from home or in a gym! 

Skillshare is an online community that allows you to upload your workout or meal prep videos for others to watch and learn from. As your video is watched, you earn royalties! Check out their handbook to see how it works.

What apps pay you to workout?

The best apps that pay you to exercise:


I am obsessed with tracking how many steps I do a day and feel a sense of achievement when I reach 10,000. But what makes it even more enjoyable is getting paid to do it!

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Sweatcoin converts the steps you take into a digital currency. All you have to do is start walking! 

Within their app, you can use the Sweatcoins you earn to purchase physical products such as supplements or donate to charities. 

Alternatively, you could save your Sweatcoins to withdraw real money in the future. For example, with 20,000 Sweatcoins, you can redeem a $1,000 PayPal voucher. Pool together with friends and family to reach goals quicker. This is a sure-fire way to make some money!

If you fancy signing up and getting paid to walk, use our link here!

apps that pay you to walk

Vitality rewards:

If you are already a customer with Vitality, then this is for you! Get paid to exercise UK!

Track your activities using your phone, Fitbit or another approved tracker and earn points. More points equal more rewards.

You can earn points in the gym, walking, running, cycling, and swimming as long as it is tracked.

Finally, exchange your points for rewards, including cinema tickets, free weekly coffees, contributions to Apple Watch payments and cashback from Waitrose&Partners.

Get paid to exercise UK
Vitality Rewards point system


Make things exciting by betting on how much weight you will lose. Get paid to get in shape using HealthyWage

You bet an amount of money to complete a weight loss challenge within a set time period. 

Although not directly gambling, you are at risk of losing the money you wager. The responsibility falls on you to successfully complete the challenge. Set realistic targets!


Set up a free account with Earthmiles and sync with your favourite tracking app. Once tracking, you will start building your Earthmiles.

1Km of walking = 1 Earthmile

Cycling 1Km = 3 Earthmiles

1Km of running = 5 Earthmiles

As for what you can purchase with your Earthmiles, the brand works to provide you with exclusive rewards that are selected to support a healthier lifestyle.

This aesthetically pleasing app will get you motivated and earn you discounts.


WayBetter features a variety of games that you can join. The incentive is betting your own real money to complete these challenges with the prospect of winning. Everyone who finishes splits the pot. 

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WayBetter is also the parent company of StepBet and DietBetwhich work using the same principles. You bet to enter a fitness challenge, and those who are successful take home a split of the prize pot.

With this paid to workout app, you can receive your payouts via PayPal.

get paid to workout app
A WayBetter game, including challenge, price of bet, number of players and prize pot


This Under Armour app will track gym workouts and runs. MapMyFitness will provide you with data that gives you an insight into your performance and provides you with training plans to achieve your goals.

In addition to tracking your fitness, you can join challenges with a chance of winning prizes.

Charity Miles:

Whilst not directly paying you, Charity Miles will pay for a charity. There are a variety of charities that you can choose from. Potentially you already donate to one of these charities. You could supplement or replace your donations by using this app.

The app will track your movements and, in return, donate to the charity of your choice.

Can I make money running?

The above list contains apps that pay you to walk and run. If you already do a decent amount of walking or running, the apps will make you money.

Be aware that it takes a little time to accrue any rewards, and the apps won’t make you rich. 

Start with the intention of any rewards acting more as an incentive and encouragement to living a healthier and fitter lifestyle rather than a get rich quick method.

Get Paid To Workout

How often should I workout?

The NHS advises that adults should aim to do some form of physical activity every day; the more, the better. 

In general, you should be doing cardio 2-3 days a week, strength training or vigorous activity 2-3 days a week and 2 days rest to allow your body to recover. The length of these workout sessions should be between 30-90 minutes.

If you are exercising to lose weight, your diet has a significant impact on your success. Have a look at our post on healthy eating on a budget and how to save money on food for ideas to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle.

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Examples of cardio exercise:

  • brisk walking
  • riding a bike
  • dancing
  • hiking
  • playing tennis
  • swimming

Examples of strength training and vigorous activity that will make you breathe hard and fast:

  • running
  • HIIT
  • circuits training
  • hill sprints
  • spinning classes
  • lifting heavy weights

Jobs that pay you to workout:

Along with apps that pay you to exercise UK, you could also get into a career that will pay you to workout. 

  1. Gym teacher – perhaps you enjoying teaching as much as exercising. Spend the day setting an example for your students by keeping fit and being involved in games.
  2. Fitness instructor – whether this is as a personal trainer or for group classes, being an instructor will burn calories as you demonstrate and join in to keep morale high.
  3. Wellness coach – a wellness coach takes on physical instructing and has input into clients nutrition. You will be living what you preach.
  4. Courier – this could be on foot as a postie or working for a delivery company, such as Deliveroo. Make money whilst on your feet or cycling around your town.
  5. Dancer – pursue your dreams of being a dancer. Work at pop up events, in a club or go big and get on stage! Depending on the effort you put in, and the style of dancing you do can burn 200-700 calories per hour.
  6. Fitness model – media agencies will pay you to workout during a shoot to get those in sweaty action shots. 

On the whole, if you’re looking for an incentive and motivation to exercise, why not download one of the suggested free apps and get paid to workout. If you can track your exercise and earn rewards whilst sweating, it’s a win-win situation.

Let us know if you do try or have previously tried any apps in the comment section below. It would be interesting to hear if they worked for you! Or, let us know what else gets you motivated!

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