How To Become A Brand Ambassador And Be Successful!

You could be a brand ambassador – working with your favourite company and earning extra money sounds like fun! Here are our tips on how to become a brand ambassador:

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What brand ambassadors do?

By definition, a brand ambassador is “a person employed by an organisation/company to represent a brand in a positive light, and by doing so, help to increase brand awareness and sales.”

Companies use this as a marketing strategy to create a personal marketing approach by using ambassadors that fit their target audience. 

A brand ambassador job description often includes:

  • Ability to positively represent the brand and be seen to making use of products
  • Be involved with creating content
  • Increase brand awareness and promote products to followers, friends and family via social media and word of mouth marketing
  • Participate in brand events such as launches
  • Work in-store promoting to customers
  • Be knowledgeable about products
  • Provide informative recommendations and receive feedback

You may be thinking – what skills do you need to be a brand ambassador?

  • Engaging interpersonal skills, for instance, friendly and outgoing
  • Creative flair to generate content 
  • Networking skills
  • Knowledge of marketing and products
  • Social media presence and understanding
  • Professionalism and trustworthy

How to become a brand ambassador:

How do you become a brand ambassador? You can become a brand ambassador by contacting hiring agencies, Googling brand ambassador jobs, there may be some local to you, or by building an audience and then directly contacting the brand you would like to represent. A company may have guidelines on how often you promote products, review products as you use them or attend events.

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You can build an audience through blogging or on social media. Create appealing profiles and develop connections with followers and prospective companies. Consistency and activity will build these emotional ties. Take courses on how to grow your blog, learn about search engine optimisation, or how to grow your following. You could review products you have bought yourself and believe in without being contractually obliged to attract brands.

If you are reviewing products, have a look to see if you can utilise any affiliate links. A brand may set you up with one once you are contracted; however, you can always reach out to and ask whilst you are building your platform.

Our website suggestion for brand ambassador employment:

  •  Stellar – previously Mash. This company has worked with Mini, BMW, Nike, Chelsea FC, Waitrose and many more. The work is done in-person promoting at industry events or within stores.
  •  Win at retail – employ in-store promoters and ambassadors. Clients include Selfridges&Co, Harrods, Carphone Warehouse, Somfy, Belkin and more.

Our recommendation

Our recommendation on learning how to grow your online presence is to complete Create and Go’s Launch Your Blog Biz course. Despite it being on building a blog, many of the skills you learn are transferrable to other online platforms.

How to start a blog

The course covers everything from writing your first post, keyword research, and email marketing to secrets to growing an Instagram account. They also have an exclusive Facebook support group where you can receive advice and access training events. This course will provide you with all the details on building your blog and increasing your online presence. 

How to start a blog

How to become a brand ambassador on Instagram

Apply the ideas mentioned above on how to become a brand ambassador. Here are some more suggestions on how to get more followers on Instagram:

  • Utilise hashtags on stories and on posts
  • Post regularly at the right time
  • Use appropriate filters
  • Engage with your followers and potential new followers, follow their account, like posts and comment, let your personality shine!
  • Tag relevant brands in your posts/story. This will highlight your activity to the company, and in turn, they may reshare. Be consistent; over time they may ask you to become a brand ambassador Instagram!
  • Use geotags to increase local awareness
  • Host a giveaway in return for new followers
  • Optimise your account with a search-friendly username, website link and hashtags
How to become a brand ambassador

How many followers do you need to be a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador often has a smaller number of followers than an influencer. The number of followers you need is not set in stone; you can have as little as 1000 followers but with high engagement to make deals with brands.

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Some brand ambassador roles do not use social media at all and rely on you working at events and word of mouth promotion. Therefore having a small following won’t eliminate all opportunities.

If you do have a smaller audience, you could target local or new businesses. They often want genuine marketing; this is a more inexpensive marketing strategy, especially if their ambassadors are from the area and are willing to support locally.

How much money can you make as a brand ambassador?

Do brand ambassadors get paid? – Yes! Ambassadors can be paid in different ways depending on when and how they are promoting the brand. They often get paid when they successfully promote products leading to sales that use their personal promo codes shared with customers on a commission basis.

When an ambassador is attending a launch event, they may be paid hourly for their time, starting from £12/hour based on Indeed‘s average base salary. Whereas others may be paid on commission as mentioned above or contracted for a specific time, during which they must complete their contract stipulations.

When given a brand ambassador contract, you are more likely to receive a brand ambassador salary in comparison to one-off promotions or gig work which are often paid for the amount of work you accomplish (i.e. hourly/commission). According to Totaljobs, the range of salaries is from £21k to £32.5k.

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Do brand ambassadors have to pay?

Depending on the brand, an ambassador may have to purchase products at discounted prices, and other brands may send items for free.

If you are wondering do brand ambassadors get free stuff or do brand ambassadors get free clothes, be sure to research the company you are interested in. This may mean talking to brand ambassadors already working for them. If you can afford to purchase items from your favourite company at a discounted price in return for promoting and commission, why not!

Is being a brand ambassador a good job?

Being a brand ambassador is the perfect job if you enjoy being your creative self whilst supporting a brand you love! Once you get started and secure your first deal, your credibility will increase, and opportunities will pick up. It can earn you extra income, and if you decided to commit full time, you could receive a decent income.

Have you ever been influenced by a brand ambassador? Has a brand ambassador changed your opinion on a brand?

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