Lifestyle Ideas: 50 Excellent Blog Ideas You Need to Know

When it comes to blogging lifestyle ideas, it’s a pretty open book. Literally. So, finding lifestyle topics to discuss can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

After all, who’s lifestyle are we talking about? Is it yours? It is mine? Is it a collective? Or is it niche? 

The answer is, any and all. When it comes to your lifestyle blog, you’re talking to like-minded individuals who either already exist in your circles of living (not to be confused with the ever-famous “circle of trust”) or they could be individuals wanting to become a part of those very same circles.

Blog Lifestyle Ideas

Either way, it means you’re sharing a lifestyle that you know, understand and feel energised with. And that’s pretty much why you’re trying to share it. 

So, here at Value4Money, we wanted to really answer the question “What is a lifestyle blog?” by looking at what others talk about, what the trends are, what the categories are and what some lifestyle blog post ideas are.

This way, you can bypass the wall and get typing to build new communities of people who share (or will share) your lifestyle. 

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn this site a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything we recommend, we have used ourselves and hope you find the recommendations helpful.

What Do Lifestyle Bloggers Post About?

Lifestyle topics to discuss generally centre around family, health, meal preparation, sports, activities, adventures, business ventures, entrepreneurship, motivation, personal productivity, gifts and self-health. Plus, pretty much anything else that could be considered a part of your own or someone else’s daily lifestyle. 

Of course, when it comes to personal blog ideas, you may want to focus on more niche topics and include other lifestyle features like making sure you fit two dog walks into your daily routine and putting your pup above your work.

However, today, the majority of topics to write about for a blog to do with lifestyle typically surrounds make-up, exercise and eating clean. Instead, we suggest finding your own niche and your own topic of lifestyle that helps you to connect with your readers!

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What is a Lifestyle Trend?

Lifestyle trends are just what we were talking about earlier when we said the majority of lifestyle blog post ideas surround your generic topics of makeup and health, etc. 

But the reason they become trends stems from celebrities and influencers who bring newness onto the scene or even try to bring “fetch” back (if you know, you know). 

lifestyle ideas - trends

It’s important you consider on-trend or emerging trend lifestyle topics to discuss because you know they’re hot searches, and it’ll increase your footfall.

Don’t worry though; you generally have a lot of time to consider the new lifestyle blog post ideas as these trends will last anywhere from 3 months to a couple of years.

What is the Point of Writing About Lifestyle?

You may be wondering what the point of even setting up a lifestyle blog may be and if there’s any money in it if you’re not selling a specific product or service. 

In reality, there is a point to it, and there are ways to make money doing so. Of course, these two factors don’t always intermingle, and they can actually sway the lifestyle topics to discuss in your blog, too.

The first point is that you’re making a following and helping people reach their true potential with free noggin nuggets in the form of lifestyle tips and tricks.

Secondly, there are three ways to make money just by having a site with good content, SEO best practices and footfall. Have a gander at the top three methods:

1. Advertising Space

When you blog lifestyle ideas, you’ll have a world of space around your content that’s not doing much. So, if you’ve got good traffic to your site, relative lifestyle blog post ideas might entice some companies such as MediaVine and AdSense to pay for that space!

lifestyle ideas affiliate marketing

2. Affiliate Marketing Links

When you’ve got things in the pipeline such as wellness blog post ideas, family blog post ideas, healthy blog post ideas, active blog post ideas and many more, you’ll probably be talking about a specific product here and there.

If you’re signed up to sites such as Amazon Affiliates and link to those product pages, you can make a commission if your readers click through and spend.

3. Sponsored Articles

When you’ve got a list of lifestyle blog post ideas for 2021 lined up (P.S. we’ve got a butt-load of them later on), you might be able to approach other businesses who share your audience.

Then, you can suggest referring your traffic to them using an article or two for a sponsorship. If you’ve got good site footfall and ranking, they might even approach you for the sponsorship! 

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How to start a blog

The Launch Your Blog Biz course has an excellent section on sponsored posts!

How to start a blog

What Are Lifestyle Categories and What Are the 7 Lifestyle Factors?

When you’re considering your personal answer to “what is a lifestyle blog?”, we suggest keeping in mind the idea of lifestyle categories and how they relate to the 7 lifestyle factors your audience is searching for.

lifestyle ideas lifestyle factors

The 7 lifestyle factors:

  1. Keeping a balanced diet
  2. Keeping water intake high
  3. Keeping going with exercise
  4. Keeping on top of sleep levels
  5. Keeping away from vices 
  6. Keeping alcohol unit intake down
  7. Keeping check of mental health

Using these 7 factors, lifestyle categories pop up all over the place. They’re essentially hub-topics aiming to improve yours or your reader’s lifestyle in a way that tackles one, some or all of the 7 lifestyle factors.

Of course, categories come and go much like trends: they’re very intertwined. That’s why it’s important for you to find your own tone, goal, trend, category and niche when it comes to discovering new lifestyle blog post ideas for your site.

What Should I Write About in My Lifestyle Blog?

Just as we promised, here are 50 lifestyle blog ideas and titles that you can steal for your blog. And we’ve made sure to keep them as open as possible to help you create content that both resonates with your lifestyle and that of your audience, too.

There is even a new series you could talk about thrown into the mix, let us know if you find it! 

50 Amazing Lifestyle Ideas For Your Blog!

  1. 5 Ways to Self-Motivate Like a Pro
  2. At-Home Fitness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs
  3. Weekend Meal-Prepping for a Busy Lifestyle
  4. Top 10 Free Social Media Tools 
  5. Tips for Pursuing an Ambition in Life
  6. Creating Home Décor for Your Lifestyle
  7. Making Your Lifestyle an Eco-Lifestyle
  8. 8 Ways to Get Inspired in 2021
  9. 5 Challenges Every Lifestyle Faces and How to Overcome Them
  10. 30 Quotes to Inspire You into Proactivity
lifestyle ideas proactive thoughts

  1. The Best Tools for Blogging in 2021
  2. The EDC of a Busy Entrepreneur
  3. Finding the Work/Life Balance That Suits You
  4. Reviewing the Monthly Subscription Boxes That You Can’t Live Without
  5. The Morning Routine of a Lifestyle Blogger
  6. Making Every Penny Count No Matter Your Lifestyle

  1. 15 Home Items You Simply Can’t Do Without
  2. Making the WFH Life Work for You
  3. 5 Daily Mantras to Help You Keep Looking Forward
  4. Keeping a Food Diary: What, Where, When and Why?

lifestyle ideas food diary

  1. Keeping an Exercise Diary: What, Where, When and Why?
  2. Keeping a Sleep Diary: What, Where, When and Why?
  3. Keeping a Water Diary: What, Where, When and Why?
  4. Keeping a Dream Diary: What, Where, When and Why?
  5. 3 Productivity Tips to Get You Going Through This Month
  6. 15 YouTube Channels You Should Follow
  7. Reasons You Should Try a New Hobby for Each Month of the Year
  8. Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home
  9. 7 Phone Apps That Help You Stay Motivated and Productive
  10. How To Create a Personal Planner in 6 Steps

  1. How You Could Use the 8 Limbs of Yoga
  2. Why Self-Care is the Most Important Care
  3. Tea, Coffee and Choc: Reducing Caffeine Without Reducing the Good Stuff
  4. Ten at-Home Exercises to Tone Your Abs
  5. Have You Got a Sleeping Disorder? Identifying Good and Bad Sleep in You
  6. Why You Should Write 100 Words Each Night 
  7. The Inspirational Speakers of Summer 2021 
  8. How a Word of the Day Keeps the Age Away
  9. The Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Weekends Having Fun for Free
  10. Breaking Old Habits and Learning New Tricks: How Long do They Take?

lifestyle ideas break bad habits

  1. Why You Should Get a Foam Roller and How You Can Use It
  2. Advice for Teenagers Wanting to Break Free of the Daily Grind
  3. Try This New 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge for Your Heart
  4. The Top 15 Places in the UK to Take a Breath and Escape
  5. Why You Should Try Wild Camping 
  6. 50 Ways to Make Money Without Working
  7. How to Upcycle Your Furniture to Match Your New Style
  8. Why Self-Improvement is Not a Straight Line
  9. How to Travel the UK on a Budget
  10. Tips for Breaking out of the 9-5

And that take us to the very end of this article all about lifestyle blogging. We’ve answered the question “what is a lifestyle blog?” and we’ve laid out some ideas you can nick to get you started. 

Here at Value4Money, we really do like to provide you with value for your money (even if we are giving away free snippets of noggin nuggets). So, let us know how helpful you’ve found this blog, which lifestyle blog post ideas you’re taking up and what you want to see from the team next!

Alternatively, if you liked this blog and want to find out more about starting a blog, topic ideas in 2021 and even some lifestyle tips for yourself from the team at Value4Money, then take a peek at these other posts:

If you have any questions about lifestyle blog ideas – please leave a comment in the section below. We would love to hear from you!

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