Paid Surveys UK: 20 Sites You Need to Know

Getting paid hundreds through paid surveys UK for your opinions might sound like a distant dream, but with the 20 best paid survey sites in the UK, they’re more of a reality than you think.

Whether you’ve got some stark things to say about politics or you just like being able to offer up your say on the trendy products out there, survey sites need you. This is because companies big and small (such as the likes of Boots, Tesco or even your local chippy) need to know what their customers and target audience are thinking. 

Otherwise, they could be throwing away money at a product or service nobody will like. Alternatively, they could be missing out on the biggest opportunity nobody even knew they needed.

But, of course, we know you’re really wanting to make extra cash with online surveys. And being the cash-savvy team at Value4Money, we can help iron out some of the questions you might have. For example, finding the surveys that pay cash instantly.

So, let’s get going. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom; we’ve got the 20 best paid surveys in the UK that you could take part in!

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Is Paid Surveys UK legit?

Well, this answer can completely depend on the way you look at it. As mentioned, companies across the world are in need of customer research. So, they go through dedicated online survey brands in order to attain them. Meaning the 20 best paid surveys in the UK we’ve got here for you are legitimate!

That said, a lot of them don’t pay cash, per se. They’ll pay in vouchers, instead. As well as this, many will reward you instantly but will have a minimum cash-out number that you’ll need to meet.

However, there are still some sites that are illegitimate and never pay you for your time. While the survey may be real, there’s no guarantee they’ll pay out. So, it’s important you stay aware and keep an eye out for reviews. Or just stick to the ones we’ve tried and tested below.

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Paid Surveys UK

Can you really make money doing surveys online UK?

Of course! Although, the exact number when you make extra cash with online surveys will vary. For example, if you only stick to one survey site and just a couple a week, you’re not really reaching your true earning potential. 

Here at Value4Money, we suggest getting your value for money by signing up to as many survey sites as you can. This way, you’ve got heightened opportunity to earn with surveys that pay cash instantly.

To give you an idea, the average survey can range in payment from 50p to £1.50. Of course, there are some that pay a lot more and others that even pay by the minute.

The majority of those who survey for cash on the side can mount up a good few hundred pounds each year (some say each month!).

How Do You Get Paid with Online Surveys in the UK?

Each survey site will have their own way of reimbursing you for your time and effort. For example, you’ll find branded survey sites like Google Opinion Rewards will pay you in their online store credit. Then, you can use it to buy and play games on your devices. 

Other sites will pay you direct to your PayPal account. Which, if you do get the choice between your bank account and your PayPal account, we suggest choosing PayPal. There’s much more protection for you and it’s worth the penny fee.

Then again, there are also surveys that pay cash instantly through the form of points. When you mount up these points, you can exchange them for cash vouchers to be used in stores. Some favourites among survey takers include M&S, Pizza Express, Amazon and Argos.

Paid surveys UK online

Do You Have to Pay Tax on Survey Income?

Yes, yes and yes, again. While we’re all about making sure you earn every penny there is to become financially free in a way that suits you, tax still applies.

It’s worth noting that you can earn up to £1000 for free each tax year with surveys that pay cash instantly. However, after that, you have to declare your income. This will, then, be taxed at 20% for general deductions and 9% for your NI contribution.

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To do this, you simply register with HMRC as a self-employed individual (which still works if you’re employed full-time). Then, you can complete a self-assessment tax return after the tax year ends from the best paid surveys in the UK.

Hint: each tax year runs from 6th of April to the 5th of April of the following year! 

What Are the Best Paid Surveys in the UK?

There are quite a lot of different sites out there that help you make extra cash with online surveys. And not all will be UK-based, either. But you’ll still be able to access them from here on our small and mighty island with the ability to cash-out.

Best Paid Surveys UK

We’ve broken down each of our top 20 picks so you know how they pay, how much they pay, what you can exchange your cash for and when you can exchange it. For example, having a look at the minimum cash-out and the amount you can accrue per survey should give you an idea of how lucrative the site is. 

Plus, it helps when we can break down exactly which sites let you make extra cash with online surveys and draw it out as actual cash rather than vouchers.

Without further ado, let us take you through alphabet with the top 20 best paid surveys in the UK (that we’ve found, anyway!)

Which paid survey sites are legitimate UK?

1. Branded Surveys

Pay Per Survey: 50 to 500 Points (100 points is 77p)

Pay Method: PayPal or Gift Cards

Minimum Cash-Out: 500 Points

2. Curious Cat

Pay Per Survey: 50p

Pay Method: PayPal

Minimum Cash-Out: £1

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Pay Per Survey: Between 6p and 60p

Pay Method: Google Play Store Credit

Minimum Cash-Out: 10p


Pay Per Survey: £1

Pay Method: Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £10

5. Life Points

Pay Per Survey: £1

Pay Method: PayPal and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £5

6. New Vista Live

Pay Per Survey: £1

Pay Method: Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £50

7. One Poll

Pay Per Survey: 10p to £1

Pay Method: PayPal

Minimum Cash-Out: £40

8. Opinion Outpost

Pay Per Survey: 50p

Pay Method: Amazon Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £2.50

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9. Opinion Panel

Pay Per Survey: 50p to £4

Pay Method: Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £25

10. Panelbase

Pay Per Survey: 50p to £10

Pay Method: BACS Payment and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £10

11. Pinecone Research

Pay Per Survey: £3

Pay Method: PayPal and Bank Transfer

Minimum Cash-Out: £3

12. Populus Live

Pay Per Survey: £1 for every 5 minutes

Pay Method: Bank Transfer

Minimum Cash-Out: £50

13. Prize Rebel

Pay Per Survey: 50p to £20

Pay Method: PayPal and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £2

14. Prolific Academic

Pay Per Survey: £1 to £10

Pay Method: PayPal

Minimum Cash-Out: £5

15. Survey Bods

Pay Per Survey: 25 to 150 Points (100 points is £1)

Pay Method: BACS and Amazon Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: 1,500 Points

16. Survey Friends

Pay Per Survey: 400 to 3,000 Points (100 points is 1p)

Pay Method: PayPal and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: 20,000 Points

17. Swagbucks

Pay Per Survey: 1 to 150 Swagbucks (700 Swagbucks is £5)

Pay Method: PayPal and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: 500 Swagbucks

18. Toluna

Pay Per Survey: 1,200 to 50,000 Points (80,000 is £15)

Pay Method: PayPal and Vouchers 

Minimum Cash-Out: 27,000 Points

19. Valued Opinions

Pay Per Survey: 25p to £5

Pay Method: Gift Cards and Vouchers

Minimum Cash-Out: £10

20. YouGov

Pay Per Survey: Prize Draws

Pay Method: Bank Transfer

Minimum Cash-Out: £50

And now you know the top 20 best paid surveys in the UK and how to make the most out of them. So, whether you’re saving up for a birthday, wanting to find new ways to treat yourself or just looking at a route to financial freedom from the comfort of your own home, you’ve got online surveys.

Of course, there are many other ways you could be making some cash on the side and at home with passive income methods. Many of which can be perfect for the stay-at-home mum.

If this sounds like something you want to find out more about, take a look at our other article; “15 Wonderful Work-From-Home Jobs for Mums That You’ll Love”. After all, here at Value4Money, it’s what we’re here for. 

Don’t forget to tell us all your thoughts about this article, share with anyone else you think could use the helping hand of surveys that pay cash instantly and comment with any questions you might have about getting value for money!

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