Finding Supermarket Wine Offers in 2021: Your 25% Off Deals

We all have our favourite tipple and want to make the most of supermarket wine offers like using Saisnburys 25 off wine dates! Whether it’s a South African red or local Welsh white. But they always seem to taste better with supermarket wine offers!

Luckily, each of our supermarket giants here in the UK have been lowering the cost of wine with wine case deals and offers of 6. That said, there’s one question that’s been on the tip of our tastebuds since 2021 emerged. 

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Sainsburys 25 off wine dates 

And here we are: the Grand Cru of wines case deals. The true piece-de-resistance for all our questions when answering “when is the next Sainsburys offer of 25% off wine?”.

Well, since launching their newest promotion on selected wines in store and online in 2021, Sainsburys has featured their popular wine case deals every three weeks. In fact, the next confirmed date will be the end of May in 2021!

To get your hands on some discounted Sainsburys red wine, white wine, rosé or any other tipple of choice, you have to buy 6 or more bottles. Plus, it’s much like Aldi with their mix-and-match. 

So, you’re basically getting a deal where, if you buy 4 and a half bottles, you get a bottle and a half for free!

Another savings opportunity here is that your nectar points also count with these supermarket wine offers. Plus, if you time it right, November is a magical shopping-spree time of year with the new “Double-Up” scheme. This means your Nectar points are worth double and they’re eligible to be used with the Sainsburys Taste the Difference wine range.

However, one thing to note is that the wine case deals aren’t available in any of the Sainsbury’s Central or Local stores. 

when is next sainsburys 25 off wine

When is the next Sainsburys offer of 25% off wine? 

Earlier in the year, Sainsburys (the saviours) decided to give us all a break after a hard time being locked away indoors. They’ve let us all in on their treat for the May Bank Holiday which is to give us all 25% off wine when we buy 6 bottles. 

With the hype that ensued, we wanted to hop on the boozy bandwagon and give you all an idea of when all our other favourite supermarkets scattered across the UK will be letting us in on their supermarket wine offers.


Beginning the article organised and in alphabetical order, we’ve landed at our pocket’s favourite store of them all: Aldi. 

In 2020, and for obvious reason, Aldi teamed up with Deliveroo to start offering home delivery on grocery items (including their award-winning wines!). 

When it comes to Aldi, their supermarket wine offers come in the form of a mix-and-match deal rather than having to buy multiple cases of the same wines. And, while it may not be quite as good as Sainsburys’ 25% off wine case deals, their costs are already low and there are a few other ways to save, too. 

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Sometimes Aldi will offer free delivery (usually £4.95 for wines). So, keep your eyes peeled with plug-ins like Honey to have your back on that one. 

Plus, when you’re wanting one of the sale items (A.K.A. Aldi Specialbuys) you’ll have to arrive early on Sunday and Thursday to peruse the middle aisles and see which of your favourite tipples have made the list.

Finally, for a chance to taste Aldi wines for free, you can apply to be in the Aldi Wine Club! They give you a selection of tipples across a six-week period for you to smell, taste, try and experiment with before reviewing across the internet with the hashtag #AldiWineClub.

Supermarket wine offers aldi


You’re probably thinking that Amazon isn’t a supermarket. But since opening their Amazon Fresh grocery stores throughout the UK in 2016 (with the majority opening throughout London in 2020), they are. In fact, they’re fast becoming one of the retail giants given their online presence. 

As well as this, they partner with Morrisons to offer next day delivery on all groceries (this includes those every-important wine-case deals!).

But, aside from the store-front options, there are plenty of bulk-buy online supermarket wine offers to choose from, too. And there’s no need to be asking questions such as “when is the next Sainsburys offer of 25% off wine?” simply because Amazon offers their wine case deals all year round. You just have to shop around. 

When looking online, make sure to refine your wine search by “Today’s Deals”. You’ll find a selection of limited time offers on single bottles, boxes and large crates you couldn’t find with any other supermarket wine offers. 

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, as well, there’s no need to fuss over delivery costs or shipping times, either.


Asda’s 25% off wine case deals tend to be featured around the holiday periods. So, think Easter, May Bank Holiday, Summer, Bonfire Night and Christmas. 

And their deals are quite different to those you’ll find in Aldi. While there isn’t an option to mix-and-match a crate or even an option to find any Specialbuys in the middle aisle, you do get 25% off an entire crate of 6.

For example, their ‘Oxford Landing Estates Sauvignon Blanc’ (normally £5.50 each) is just £4.13 for each bottle when you buy them in crates of 6. 

Other ways to save on supermarket wine deals in “The Asda” – if you know, you know – include looking out for their doubles-deals from Rollbacks. They have a number of classics up for grabs in their 2 for £9 deal, making each bottle just £4.50!

Finally, when it comes to getting them delivered to your door, it’s not necessarily free, but we do have a tip for getting it cheaper. The later in the day you book a delivery slot, the cheaper it will be; sometimes, it can even be a third of the morning price!

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Iceland and The Food Warehouse

When it comes to Iceland and The Food Warehouse, they don’t have any specific or seasonal deals to look out for. Nor do they have any wine case deals. So, it could be considered not as good as thinking about when the next Sainsburys offer of 25% of wine is. However, it does mean that time and dates aren’t a concern.

Instead, they have year-long wine deals that swap and change between their bottles. Their main grab is called the 2 for £10 with many wines being marked as their “Hot Buy” when they’re popular or have a big mark-down with the offer. 

This means, their UK wine deals mean a lot of £5 bottles of wine up for grabs. Even better in the bargain for opting with Iceland and The Food Warehouse is that they offer free delivery on all order of £35 or more.

So, make sure you’re putting your wine case deals in the same basket as your weekly shop to take advantage of the savings!

Supermarket wine offers iceland


We’ve already briefly mentioned Morrisons as it’s now part of Amazon’s online grocery store. However, we didn’t really go into any detail regarding the offers directly at Morrisons. And they’re pretty good. 

In fact, you can get an even better deal than 25% off 6 bottles of wine at Morrisons; instead, you can buy two and get one free. Which means you’re getting 33% off a crate of 6 rather than 25% off. 

However, it’s not all the time and it’s not on every single wine label, either. Given their past record of these wine case deals, they happen around once per month. But it does vary, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on their website. 

You’ll find them on their site under “On Offer & Price Hold” when you search for wines. Then you’ll see the ever-amazing visual of “3 for £5” on the minis (which are normally £2.50 each) or the simple “Buy 2 Get One Free” such as the current offer on their ‘Morrisons the Best Grenache Blanc’.

However, it’s worth noting that Morrisons are very strict regarding their policies of selling wine on offer throughout Wales and Scotland.


While Sainsburys is in the one-trend chat at the moment for their offer of 25% off wine with a crate of 6, Tesco has been doing the deal for a little longer. Plus, they’re a little less sporadic when it comes to the dates of their wine case deals, too. 

In fact, the Tesco wine offers are generally around each month in the year and more dates to snatch the deals around the Christmas period (which makes complete sense). 

The idea is to mix-and-match any bottled wine with a price of at least £5 per bottle. Then, you can have as many as 36 in one purchase which is perfect for family events and parties. But there must be at least 6 in order for the supermarket wine offers to take effect. 

Plus, just like with most of the others in this list, the deal is available for you to get delivered or to simply pick-up in store. Although, if you do opt for a delivery, don’t forget to factor-in the Tesco home delivery cost of £4.50 unless your basket totals more than £40 (at which point, delivery is free!).

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A final savings tip from the team here at Value4Money would be to never forget your Tesco Clubcard. Beep it every time you buy in store or online (including your 6 with 25% off wine case deals) and you’ll be saving even more the next time you shop.

tesco wine by the case


Finally, we have Waitrose. Known to be on the more expensive side when it comes to supermarket wine offers (or just groceries on a whole), it does still have a good couple of money saving opportunities to be bagged.

Instead of needing to wait for a release, a monthly savings opportunity or anything else, Waitrose is much like Aldi and Amazon in that the supermarket wine offer lasts all-year round. And the offers vary, too. 

Plus, they’ll range between 20% off and 25% off just the one bottle, meaning there’s no minimum requirement to get your hands on a good wine deal. For example, at the time of writing, you can start sipping on a ‘Fonte do Nico Adega de Pegões Rosé’ at 25% off to make it just £5.99. 

As well as this, all Waitrose deliveries are free. Although there is a minimum delivery order of £40, so it’s another one to make sure is alongside your weekly shop!

The final tip of all final tips in this article is to consider looking at the Waitrose Wine Cellar. Not only do they have exclusive online-only wines, but they have their own offers in the form of mixed crates at a reduced price. Often, you’ll be saving around £30 to £50 on a crate of 12!

And there you have all the cheap supermarket wine deals for you to feast your tastebuds on with each glass. 

Of course, today we’ve really only focused on supermarket wine offers rather than independent winery-dedicated shops. For example, there is Majestic Wine, Laithwaite’s Wine, Odd Bins or The Local Wine Company who all specialise in each balance, blend and blush from around the world. 

And they have their own deals, too! 

So, if you’d like to know more, then simply send us a message by commenting on this post. Oh, and don’t forget to share these wine case deals with everyone you know. At least then, you might have the chance of uncorking an entire bottle for free at a party when they’ve taken the chance of the offers! 

Otherwise, glance over our other money saving tips and tricks from the wallet-savvy team here at Value4Money:

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