15 Wonderful Work From Home Jobs for Mums That You’ll Love

As a mum, you might find some mythological downtime here and there waiting to be filled with work from home jobs for mums. But what are the choices?

With 2020 and 2021 (so far) being very at-home orientated, we’re seeing more and more jobs that are flexible working and remote. Meaning they’re perfect jobs for stay-at-home mums. 

A lot of these roles allow you to choose your own hours and work flexibly around the home and the little ones. So, it means there’s no need to worry about hourly commitments or the need for an emergency (no matter how big or small).

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Work From Home Jobs for Mums

What jobs can mums do from home?

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Pet Sitting
  3. Dried Flower Arrangements
  4. Data Entry Clerk
  5. Blog Writing
  6. Children’s Book Creation
  7. Voice-Over Gigs
  8. Baking and Catering
  9. Professional Interviewing
  10. Virtual Tutoring
  11. Online Translation Services
  12. Personal Training
  13. Bookkeeping
  14. Social Media Management
  15. Make and Sell Through Etsy

How can a stay at home mum make money?

Here at Value4Money, we’re not just about getting you a job and helping you make some cash on the side. In reality, we’re here to make sure you’re allowing yourself the freedom to make money in a way that suits you. More often than not, you find yourself participating in a new hobby and building the pounds as a bonus.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the top 15 wonderful work from home jobs for mums that you’ll love (or we hope you will).

1. Blog Writing

Here’s the most fun job of all. It’s flexible, you get to learn new things, you only need a computer and an internet connection, and you could do as little or as much as you’d like. 

So, when it comes to jobs for stay-at-home mums, there’s no better option. Again, you can freelance through platforms or search for the right part-time role in a UK company allowing you to work around your busy schedule. A hint, though, is to look at SEO.

So, if you find you only have some evening hours, you can get away with doing it at night and in your PJs. We didn’t tell you this, but you can even have a glass on bubbly on the side.

If thinking about getting into blogging, our recommendation for starting a blog is Create and Go Launch Your Blog Biz Course as part of the Blog Biz Bundle.

This genuinely one of the best blogging courses available for someone looking to make a start and earn their first $1000/ £1000 online. We did this course ourselves and loved it 🙂

See the Launch Your Blog Biz Course Here!

2. Pet Sitting

While there isn’t really any training or experience needed for the job, it does help to have a Pet First Aid course and Public Liability Insurance when convincing people to leave their fluffy treasures in your hands. 

Whether it’s for the day, the week or just a couple of hours, you could have the dream of jobs for stay-at-home mums. Plus, these types of work from home jobs for mums have a much more local client-base. 

So, you could simply find your newest pets to sit by posting flyers through the letterbox. And, while these roles don’t always pay top-dollar, they bring the most enjoyment!

Side Hustle UK Dog Walking

3. Dried Flower Arrangements

It turns out that fewer people have the all-important green thumb when it comes to keeping flowers alive. Whether they’re cut flowers in the home, seeds on a windowsill or garden flowers trying to get a ray of sun where they can. 

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Luckily, trends in the community of dried flowers means more people can enjoy their beauty without needing to water them. Plus, it paves the way for fantastic work-from-home jobs for mums. 

It’s just a case of sourcing individual dried stems and getting to work with the creative juices of flower arranging. Then, create an online Etsy shop and post out!

If you want to save those pennies to maybe start your own business or invest in equipment to allow you to work from home check out our no spend budget planner!

4. Data Entry Clerk

You could be inputting personal data, updating records, noting research findings, creating classified advert information, tracking test results and more. When it comes to being a data entry clerk, the job really is what it says on the tin. 

Plus, you could do it on a freelance basis through sites like Fiverr and Upwork or you could hunt the grounds of Indeed or CV-Library for flexible work jobs in the UK. 

Another bonus here is that you don’t really need any experience in it, either. Most companies will give you a few days to learn the ropes. So, as long as you have a computer, you’re all set!

5. Virtual Assistant

From completing some admin tasks to being the customer service go-to for the day, the virtual assistant gig is perfect for finding flexible work jobs in the UK. 

You could be working for businesses and individuals all around the globe, sometimes never doing two tasks alike. The tasks are often very ad-hoc and they require a bit of technology-knowledge, but they can be great for temporary and permanent fixes. 

You’ll often find these types of work from home jobs for mums plastered across social media, job forums, freelance platforms and more.

6. Children’s Book Creation

When we say children’s book creation, there’s two sides to this coin. Both of them are perfect flexible work from home jobs for mums (after all, you know the target audience more than anyone!). And they both feature the creative mind, so it’s a little less mundane than the data entry clerk role. 

However, one revolves around getting the written story down and the other involves creating the perfect children’s illustration to match. 

Of course, if you’re very artistic, there’s nothing to stop you from going the whole nine yards and doing both!

Work From Home Jobs for Mums - children's books

7. Voice-Over Gigs

Dedicated websites such as Voices.com, Mandy.com and DamnGoodVoices.com are always looking for vocal talents. 

Whether you’ve got a smooth-as-silk voice or a slightly gristly grain to your tone, there’s always a company looking for you. As well as this, if you sign up to sites like ACX.com, flexible work jobs in the UK stretch to doing entire books that’ll be found and downloaded on Audible and other audio book platforms. 

However, when you begin this work, you may need to spend a quick penny on Amazon for things like a microphone, a recorder and a headset.

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One of the best budget all round USB recording mics is the Yeti Blue mic.

See it on Amazon

8. Baking and Catering

If you’re someone who is already in the kitchen slaving away at the oven for the kids, you might as well make a little extra on the side. 

For example, if you’re making a batch of cookies or some cupcakes, why not make a baker’s dozen and sell through places like Facebook or your own website? That way, your little one can be the taste-tester and you’ve still got a dozen to sell-on. 

Plus, if you’ve got the knack to the bakery, you might be able to sell a little further by adding your own recipes onto your website, building traffic and using affiliate schemes to refer your site visitors on for commission. 

9. Professional Interviewing

There are many different reasons you could find work from home jobs for mums that require interviewing technique. For example, as a journalist, as a student recruiter or as a workplace assistant. 

In fact, there are many small businesses and entrepreneurs who are up to their head in work and in need of hiring. With that, they’ll outsource the interviewing so they can continue with the work that needs to be done and offload when the employee is ready. You just need to be that middle woman. 

So, if you’ve got a phone and good telephone demeanour, it could be the quick-task role for your schedule. You can check-out FFIND.com for a role!

10. Virtual Tutoring

If you’ve got extensive experience in a subject or even a higher-education degree, you’re already qualified to help others learn. 

Whether it’s for the little ones hoping to ace their 11+, students hoping to get into University or even adults wanting to re-specialise in new careers. If you’ve got a knack for your subject, English, Maths, languages, science, arts, history, geography and anything else you can think of, it’s worth a shot. 

Plus, they can pay pretty well by the hour. You can find virtual tutoring and flexible work jobs in the UK on sites such as MyTutor.com and Tutorful.co.uk.

Side Hustle UK Online Tutoring

11. Online Translation Services

Of course, if you’re not bilingual you might want to keep scrolling to see more jobs for stay at home mums. 

Otherwise, if you’re bilingual or a lucky polyglot, you can pick up jobs of your choosing (big or small) on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. You can set your price per word and get translating in your own time. 

Whether it’s after the little ones have gone to bed or during that strange quiet time after dinner when they’re preoccupied with full bellies. Eventually, you can create a client base to go onto your own website with freelance translation services, too. 

12. Personal Training

We did say there was something for everyone. If you don’t like being in front of a laptop, tutoring, drawing, looking after dogs or the other work-from-home jobs for mums we’ve mentioned, you might like personal training. 

With a Facebook profile, a name to your brand and a bit of word-of-mouth encouragement, you can sell specific timeslots in your day where you help others thrive through video-conference sites like Zoom. 

Whether it’s giving tricks to train specific muscle groups, new ways to enjoy cardio or focusing on stretching, you’re enabling growth and being paid for it.

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13. Bookkeeping

While it doesn’t sound like it would make the most fabulous of work from home jobs for mums, it’s a good one for mums who know their way around organisation and numbers. 

Everyone from a self-employed writer to a conglomerate business needs bookkeeping services to help keep their revenues, expenses and taxes in-check. 

And, while you don’t necessarily need a degree, if you’re wanting to take up bookkeeping as one of the flexible work jobs in the UK, you’ll need a little experience under your belt. A qualification such as the ICB’s “Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping” should get you moving in the right direction. 

14. Social Media Management

One of the best (in our opinion) jobs for stay-at-home mums has to be social media management. 

Let’s face it: it’s 2021 and we’re all glued to our social media at some point. So, what better way to make use of the free seconds you have here and there than doing what you know how to do? 

Hop onto People Per Hour to get clients, create posts, engage target audiences, direct leads across platforms and be the point of contact for customers. Although, most companies like an omnichannel approach, so you’ll need to know everything from Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube and TikTok.

15. Make and Sell Through Etsy

Just like when it comes to baking and cooking your way into people’s hearts, you can create your own purchasable and sell it online. You don’t have to make your own website and learn how to market, either. 

There are sites like Etsy who deal with everything from sourcing customers to promoting your personal brand. All you have to do is make what you love making (from jewellery to clothes to so much more) and ship when you get an order. 

For more on Etsy and specific things to sell, have a look at our other article; 40 Amazing Etsy Printables to Sell (Everything You Need to Know).

Etsy Printables Canva

And that wraps-up our top 15 wonderful work from home jobs for mums. 

Of course, the idea for most of these is that you’re your own boss. So, you’ll get to choose your hours and work around any other commitments at home including the little ones that may or may not be screaming in the background as you read this very article. 

However, this does also mean registering as self-employed and doing the ever-dreadful yearly tax return. Luckily, they’re pretty easy these days with apps and things, so you don’t necessarily have to hire an accountant (especially if you’re bookkeeping, anyway!). 

Being the pros here at Value4Money, we know a quick thing or two about how to make money and do it efficiently (that’s why we’re here sharing this info with you!). So, if you want to know more about these jobs or any other ways to make money around your schedule, don’t forget to get in contact: we’re always happy to help.

Alternatively, you could have a read of all the other money-making and money-saving tips we have right here on the Value4Money website.

If you have any questions on work from home jobs for mums – please leave a comment in the section below. We would love to hear from you!

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